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There are almost eight months France, faithful to its traditions, took to the streets.

She rebelled, was united ….

Since water has flowed under the bridge and if this democratic spirit has already gone.

But the night before arrival in Paris, I was happy to find me there with the French people.
















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Sunday Stroll

SINCE the time we talked about it !!!! …… .. we did it !!!!! Finally, we mostly managed to find a common creno! So we’re off, with my friend Pierrot de la Luna, the discovery of “unusual Paris” by a beautiful sunny Sunday. I must admit a little disappointed in the beginning just too touristy […]

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London, here we are

London, London, London … .. How you say, how you speak of the city??. … I love it, I love everything about her! I am still thinking in a negative but I dry !!!! After having experienced daily for a year, it’s full of nostalgia and happiness I took my friend to discover through our […]

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Pierrette in da beach

Biarritz … .. Nothing like a little escape …. But obliged that during our stay with Manon, aka Pierrette ( we did a little shooting session !! 😉 So this is the dawn of the third day after our little cafe on the edge of the ocean, that we are the party towards playa. First […]

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Surf Camp

A little getaway in early December, far from the tumult Parisien … Lifted at dawn to catch my train to the Basque coast, it is with anticipation that I expected to find Manon. Just arrived and already in the bath when I boarded my new home … =) A superb small van with “king size” […]

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Poitou Charente, me voilà!…

It is at the beginning of July I went to join my friend Manon, home to Niort. It also was for me the occasion discovered a new lil corner of our beloved France. Weekend between babes aboard a striking red R5 who carted us where the wind wanted. Visit the Ile de Ré, chill at a […]

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Pierrette inspired by Céline

Pierrette has called me to showcase his new creation. She told me about her desire to try something new and a little more ambitious than usual. Inspired by Celine pubs performed by the photographer Juergen Teller we decided to shoot in the hall of his building. ATTENTION, for the occasion we saw the big picture […]

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How to sum up this brief adventure ?? In life, it was nice to make plans, there is always a large part of contingencies. Things that happen and make you live a pretty amazing experience. So on a whim I jumped on a train to Le Touquet, direction FIGRA (International Festival of the great news […]

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Pierrette#1 bnf

There are encounters in life that chance rather well. This is the case with Manon aka Pierrette, stylist and blogger. That day it was joined to the BNF and as soon as I saw this beautiful electric blue, everything started and this place has become a great source of inspiration. Little challenge, the BNF is […]

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Under The Bridge

July 2014, small weekend Lyonnais! A lil shopping tour without conviction to meet …………! She made me the eye that little shiny gold dress. You trials please ?? If the feeling passes between you is gone for a shoot in August! August 2014, small weekend Picard! The time is not really waiting for you! okay […]