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How to sum up this brief adventure ??

In life, it was nice to make plans, there is always a large part of contingencies.

Things that happen and make you live a pretty amazing experience.

So on a whim I jumped on a train to Le Touquet, direction FIGRA (International Festival of the great news reporting and society documentary)

A day rich with exciting and powerful subjects.

So interesting, that the last shuttle left without me! Fortunately, I have legs (and it’s nice).

But after an hour of walking, that I also missed my train. The last of the evening towards Paris.

Hardly the time to call my friend and tell him that I would not be waiting for you tonight, my laptop off my back!

Once I had switched, I had prepared myself for this eventuality (which said last shuttle, said last train surely ??!)

So I had already developed a plan: go to the bar (to reward me for my efforts) and find a kind soul to help me.

Plan I have about monitoring.

Me being prepared for this situation, I took everything very relaxed way, I was very happy to be here!

I withdraw money when I meet Bruno. Quite a character !!!

It will help me to find a hotel. Then we continued the evening while talking and laughing over a beer.

Bruno thank you 🙂

Lying not too late and lifted at dawn, I start my day with a marathon session. The train in a few minutes and I need a ticket!

Arriving near the station, the train passes, I stop! A photo taken on the fly shows me the time. I still have 3 minutes. I commit myself to run.

In the Hall of the station, I spit my lungs and realize that, in fact, I have an hour early!

Yes because only my camera, I no longer leaving, was able to give me time. Time, of course, was false and that according to my calculations, removing one hour gave me good! …. Breeeeeef (I’m still looking … ..)

This episode still makes me laugh !! And after having my ticket, I go in search of a bakery! Not easy at 6 o’clock in the morning !!!!!

My stroll brings me on roadsides where I look at daybreak, before returning to the station with “my little dej”.

And as it was truly a magical experience, rare among the passengers, it was necessary that I come across one who tells you his story. Yes its history with its cougar, you know, as crazy as it is moistened with alcohol! And as her thirst was not satisfied, so tried to chat me … .. with his friend “the peacock fields” …… .. still short.

He will descend two stops later, leaving me gradually back to reality.