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Posted on 10 March 2016 by Delphine Lefebvre on Uncategorized

Poitou Charente, me voilà!…

It is at the beginning of July I went to join my friend Manon, home to Niort.

It also was for me the occasion discovered a new lil corner of our beloved France.

Weekend between babes aboard a striking red R5 who carted us where the wind wanted.

Visit the Ile de Ré, chill at a beach with sunburn guaranteed for the first day!

Second day a little more physical with “How Pigouiller ?? “This is an art !!! But imagine that I’m not even fallen !!! While one or two accidents but nothing serious! hahaha

Anyway this is a great way to discover and build muscle at the same time !! 😉

And, to end, just before catching my train we improvised a shooting mode with a sailor in place more inspiring and totally unexpected ….


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